8 November

324 Constantine founds Constantinople

1490 Martin Chambiges began the construction of the new transept of the cathedral of Sens
1494 expulsion of the Medici from Florence

inconsistantcies and hyperboles
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Re: Concrete Comedy: A Primer
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It rocked Eisenman in his chair...
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It rocked Eisenman in his chair...
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Name that Architect and Building!!!
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a place that no longer exists, a quondam place...


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Did you know that the notion of reenacting the BEST Showroom on interior walls has already been done as a tribute to Izenour at the Fabric Workshop?

06110801 Acropolis Q model in progress
06110802 Acropolis Q axonometrics

2007.11.08 17:11
Name that Architect and Building!!!
Regarding the National Bank of the Republic, it is Robert Venturi that made the building well known in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.

When Louis Sullivan worked for Frank Furness, the architect's office was on the same block (300 Chestnut Street) as the National Bank of the Republic (or it was the next block west?).




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