Buono of Pisa
Buono and his uncle, Pietro, were called from the monastery at Monantulano in 990 to build the church of San-Michele-in-Borgo, at Pisa, on the ruins of a Roman temple. He brought columns for the church from Rome and Elba. Of his work the crypt and some of the columns of the nave still remain. A kneeling figure in a niche of the façade is supposed to be his portrait.

abbot and architect; d. 1014.
Morard was elected abbot of the monastery of S. Germain des Prés, Paris, in 990. He rebuilt the church of his abbey, which had been repeatedly sacked by the Normans. Of his work only the interior porch and the base of the tower remain. The rest of the church belongs to the second half of the eleventh and first half of the twelfth century. It was consecrated April 21, 1163.




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