Johan Amelius
Amelius lived in the early fifteenth century, and was employed in the construction of the Cathedral of Antwerp, Belgium, which was begun in 1422 and finished in 1518.

Giovanni Bono (Buono) ("Zane Bon")
architect and sculptor.
Giovanni was the founder of an important family of Venetian architects and sculptors of the fifteenth century. The customary attribution to the Bono of the northwestern portion of the Doges' Palace, on the Piazetta, is without foundation in the documents. The Domus Magna dei Contarini a S. Sofia, now called the Ca' d' Oro on the Canal Grande, was begun in 1421. A copy of the contract, dated January 18, 1422, between Marino Contarini and "Zane Bon taiapiera," for work to be done on this building still exists. Giovanni's name appears frequently in the Contarini records and other contracts. The chief work of the Bono is the Porta della Carta between the Doges' Palace and S. Marco. The contract made between Giovanni Bono and the Provveditori del Sale, dated November 10, 1438, is given by Paoletti. His will is dated March 25, 1442. Other works in Venice are ascribed to him conjecturally.




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