1448.03.29 first stone of the H˘tel de Ville at Louvain laid.

Richard Beauchamp
bishop and architect; d. 1481.
Beauchamp, Bishop of Hereford, and afterward of Salisbury, England, was made master and supervisor of the works of S. George's Chapel, Windsor. The designs for this building were probably made by him, or under his direction. After his death, Sir Reginald Bray succeeded to this office. Beauchamp built the great hall of his episcopal palace, and a handsome chapel at Salisbury Cathedral to contain his monument.

Christian Cloit
bell founder.
In 1448, with the assistance of Heinrich Brodermann, Cloit cast the great bell called Pretiosa of Cologne cathedral, one of the finest in existence. The name of the bell, the date of its casting, and the names of the makers are inscribed upon it.

Ridolfo dei Fieravanti (Fioravanti) (Aristotele)
architect, engineer, and mathematician; b. before 1418; d. after 1480.
A son of Fieravante dei Fieravanti. He entered the service of Nicholas V (Pope 1447-1455) in Rome, and moved the great monolithic columns from the church of S. Maria sopra Minerva to the Vatican. He suggested to Nicholas V and Paul II the transportation of the obelisk of the Vatican to the Piazza di S. Pietro, which was finally accomplished by Domenico Fontana in 1586. He served the Sforza in Milan and in 1467 was invited to Hungary by the King Mathias Corvinus, for whom he built bridges over the Danube. In 1472 he was in the service of Ferdinand I, king of Naples. In 1475 he went to Russia and for Ivan III built the cathedral of the Assumption at Moscow and probably also portions of the Kremlin. He probably designed the facade of the Palazzo del PodestÓ in Bologna.

Orchyarde built Magdelen College, Oxford, which was founded by Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, in 1448.

Plan of the Church of Sta Maria Novella at Florence, commenced at the end of the thirteenth century, from the designs of Sisto and Ristoro de Campi, Dominican friars. This church is of such happy proportions, that it excited the admiration of Michael Angelo, who called it la sua sposa, la sua dama.




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