Roger Ango (Angot)
architect ; d. 1509.
In 1475 Roger succeeded his father, Richard, as architect of the city of Rouen with the title Maître des ouvrages et reparations du domaine de la ville de Rouen. His name, with that of Roulland Leroux, appears upon the records of the Palais de Justice at Rouen.

Unfro Sanchez
He built the stalls of the choir of the cathedral of Seville (Spain). An inscription on this work bears his name and the date, 1475.

St. Gudule, (Brussels, Belgium: 1220-1475).

Façade of the Church of St. Cosimato Nunnery at Rome.

Plan and façade of a house at Tivoli, on which are the arms of the house of Colonna, built in 1475.



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