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2015.09.13 18:52
12 September

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2015.09.14 18:07
What a starchitectural skyline means for the future of New York
What are the aspirations of socially conscious architects?

2015.09.17 00:36
Rem Koolhaas tapped to design Los Angeles Temple expansion
I wonder whether wonder weather is the answer to climate change 2.

2015.09.18 11:49
Architecture of Decadence
Read this morning:
"Science has discovered that readers of romance novels produce endorphines in their brains. Endorphines are chemically similar to morphine, an extremely addictive drug. Astonishing as it sounds, the romance reader, in fact, becomes physically addicted to romances.
A dope pusher may get hundreds of people addicted. A fiction writer can get them addicted by the millions. The storyteller's magic is truly immense."   --JNFrey
Reminded of:
I just finished writing a novel where 20% of the world's population employs an architect--after cell phones, i-pads, etc., architects have become the must-have life accessory--most consult their architects on a daily basis. Then, of course, the competition among architects is fierce, thus the book is like The Gong Show meets Fantasy Island.   --20130218

2015.09.18 12:25
Architecture of Decadence
Is it just me, or does Small's Biometric Biosphere look more decadent than non-decadent?
I also wonder whether the Biometric Biosphere design has any relation to last century's drug culture.

2015.09.18 17:19
Architecture of Decadence
...that's an interesting observation, and the film examples well illustrate the workings of myth-based fiction/storytelling. Clear polar opposition, the haves versus the have-nots. What I don't like about this image is the complete eradication/ignoring of the very real predominate middle ground (that most people/architects live in), and what's left is one kind of decadence against another kind of decadence.




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