turning of a page in architectural history

2016.05.14 08:40
Artist Daniel Buren spruces up Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton with colorful intervention

acrylic and gesso on bentwood chair
33.75 x 28.75 x 24.5 inches
no opposition here
2002.02.01 10:42
I am not opposed to your introduction here of the word/concept appose. Certain definitional phrases in Webster's Third International Dictionary (1969) for appose and apposition provide the solidity of your case:
apply (one thing) to another
deposition of successive layers upon those already present (as in cell walls)

When Nero reenacted the Triumphal Way, he did it with much apposition, probably even controversial apposition (but I doubt anyone opposed). He changed the traditional route, had elephants breaking down part of the city wall--you know, the basic kinds of stuff that Nero is (in)famous for.
The concept of appropriation is very much utilized by artists, and perhaps even more by art historians when they analyze a lot of contemporary art. I don't recall having previously read about the concept of apposition relative to art, and to the activity of artists, till your letters here. As far as I'm concerned, you may have introduced something original, or you may have introduced the concept by actually utilizing the concept itself via your introduction, meaning you may have apposed someone else's prior introduction of the concept of apposition relative to art. In either case, what you write has a refreshing truth to it.
My own artistic oeuvre falls largely within the realm of appropriation, but now I see that much of the same artwork works even better within the realm of apposition. While you may not know it, www.museumpeace.com is named for a truly appositional work of art, viz. a bentwood Gehry chair that I painted over (in 1999) with acrylic and gesso in a slapdash manner. Museumpeace [the rare, one-of-a-kind chair] does not appropriate Gehry, rather it apposes Gehry. For appositional [Lauf] art that you can see now, go to www.museumpeace.com/20 and choose any of the Versace Trophy Tattoo...
...links in the middle of the list. I uploaded these images as part of "Theatrics Times Two, too" yesterday. Not until I read your last letter this morning, actually not until writing this letter now did I realize the correctly defined nature of these works. Thanks.
These days it's all about appropriating and apposing late Picasso...

2016.05.16 12:44
Julia Louis-Dreyfus + Terry Gross replace Kevin Spacey as AIA keynote speakers
...how exactly has architecture always been about identity?

2016.05.16 17:21
Julia Louis-Dreyfus + Terry Gross replace Kevin Spacey as AIA keynote speakers
So if something expresses values, traditions, purpose, hierarchy, beliefs, aspirations, etc., then it's always been about identity? Who are you trying to kid?

2016.05.17 09:34
14 May
First state and second state of the Ichnographia Campus Martius side by side...

It remains a mystery as to why Piranesi changed all the circuses into an identical form, except the identical circus form is the only clue.

2016.05.17 20:31
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