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2000     ichnographia non-virtual non-context
2000     Ludi 002

001031   Ara Martis etc.   7800i

2000.01.16 14:14
Re: architecting
Real scale deals primarily with physical limits and the coordinated representation/manifestation of those limits, while in virtual scale limits are 'fluid' and/or 'meandering' and/or 'oscillating' and/or 'undulating', etc..
It would seem then that the difference between real scale and virtual scale is in how each scale respectively treats and/or renders limits. Real scale and virtual scale do not treat or render different realities, however, because all reality is relative to the limit of its container.

2000.02.10 17:39
and the unimportant winner is . . .
The last sentence of the text at /virtualmuseum.html reads:
"As envisioned by Asymptote and the Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum will emerge from the fusion of information space, art, commerce, and architecture to become the first important virtual building of the 21st century."
Forget the Guggenheim, I want to know what the first UNIMPORTANT virtual building of the 21st century is. Any nominations?
So far, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum is so virtual it's completely "not there," except for its importance, of course.

2000.07.17 15:01
Re: 3 things architecture (websites) should do
I'm interested in provideing a place for content, especially content that can't be gotten anywhere else. The look is incidental, and changes at my discretion.

2000.08.04 22:49
Re: Alex Galloway, Rhizome Editor, Reports on Siggraph 2000
Galloway wrote:
Most of the activity at last week's SIGGRAPH 2000, held this year in New Orleans, boiled down to a single fetish: the search for the perfect simulation.
Albeit a minority viewpoint, I nonetheless believe that "virtual reality" would more fulfill its potential by offering something other than a "perfect simulation" of what already exists. For example, "virtual reality" could possibly let us experience what a completely abstract reality is like, or perhaps what a completely inside-out reality is like -- basically allowing us to experience some "other" realities.
Then again, cloning will be a big part of this millennium, so cloned realities might just be the norm as well.

Ichnographia Quondam     2392

preliminary urban grid

superimposition of the Tiber

Untypical Plan - this could be the title of a digital collection of "crazy" plans in the same manner of the Houses for Otto, Infringement Complex, and the Schizophrenic Folds plans. It could include a “new dexterity” type of essay and even expand include Ichnographia Quondam and/or a redo of the Ichnographia Campus Martius.
In addition to Untypical Plan, there is the idea of NSEW as a book on untypical elevations.

UaA: atypical
In doing a little further research re: “Untypical Plan," i.e., beginning to read the Koolhaas “Typical Plan” text, came across the word atypical, which better describes the plans that have been generated. Atypical may work better as vol. 1 of Unthinking an Architecture, thus replacing Remove. Since the cad experience of the early 1980s and the art work was (and still is) atypical of architects, the “atypical” title provides the broadest definition.
The German translation of atypical means to “deviate from the rule or standard,” and this is exactly the scheme and motif to employ throughout Atypical.
The notion of Remove is the perfect seque into Lacunae.
Atypical provides the best direction in explaining new dexterity and the “aesthetic” of quick and easy arbitrariness in design (with CAD). The notion of wholesale [slapdash] architectural design is perhaps the most atypical method an architect can follow (yet I’ve been doing it for years).

atypical : not typical : unlike the type : IRREGULAR : ABNORMAL

UaA - general notes
With Atypical giving UaA a major developmental boost, what UaA comprises overall is a compilation of all the existing texts (i.e., notes, letters, essays), images (including v80s), databases, artworks. This means the major task is to organize all the existing data, and that UaA in general does not entail the writing of all new material.
Most of the new material will be images, and, moreover, the creation of the images will, for the most part, be an easy digital exercise.

Ichnographia Atypical
Ichnographia Atypical (actually pieces of IQ)--Campo Marzio plans in perspective collages.

Domestic - playing with all the domestic architecture at Quondam.
Quondam Muses or Musarum Muses - museum play using Quondam's museum collection.



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