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050114   Philadelphia Museum of Art  
050116   Basilica Sessorianum   3709r
050116   Whitemarsh Hall  
050116   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert   3709r
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050123   rotated extrusion mesh surface  
050218   Acropolis Q   3709s

2005.04.01 14:55
how should someone feel after visiting a museum?
If it's an exceptional avant-garde museum, then according to design appropriateness, and even according to 'sustainable design' standards, the visitor should feel sucked in, confused, inadequate and, of course, an aftershock of wanting more.

2005.06.22 12:54
quondam 1 : some incompletely architectural museum   2 : architecture as delivery of content   3 : a practice hypermuseum   4 : the architecture [publishing] domain of Stephen Lauf   5 : a virtual place in architectural history   6 : a premier unbuilding that continually undoes itself   7 : the first virtual museum of architecture online   8 : (from the Latin) once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)

2005.06.23 11:22
original content
I think original content scares people. I think it especially scares people that want to be original themselves. For example, originality in design makes other designers feel inadequate, although mimesis is guaranteed to follow. There is also the guarantee that some will immediately steal the original content and then quickly try to somehow pass it off as their own.

2005.08.04 15:14
renderings style
the you-just-don't-get-it rendering style
the beyond-your-imagination rendering style
the shopping-center-for 2079 rendering style
the meta-unrealistic rendering style
the I-wear-my-sunglasses-at-night rendering style
the 5D rendering style
the lost-in-place rendering style
the eye-of-a-fly rendering style
the only-very-exclusive-clients-receive-this rendering style

2005.09.08 12:04
are the origins common ? can we prove it ?
I was yesterday thinking of the Villa Savoye as a museum, perhaps specifically a museum of Modern architecture even?

2005.10.14 13:57
Jimmy Venturi's new website...
In the Football Hall of Fame, the integral electronic billboard is prefect for adapted reuse, just program the sign with new content.

051106   Analogous Building   3709t
051106   Museum of Knowledge   3709t
051106   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen   3709t
051106   Wallraf-Richartz Museum   3709u
051106   Villa Rotonda  
051106   Goldenberg House  
051106   Wall House 2   3709u
051106   Gooding House   3709u
051106   Retreat House  
051106   Cooper & Pratt House  
051106   House 10: Museum   3709v

2005.11.21 17:28
There's about a 1% overlap between the profession and academia
There is a substantial overlap between the profession and academia in that both adhere to the same model of what a typical architect is and does. Both are largely adverse to "ad hoc" design or even vernacularism. Free thinking in either established situation is for the most part shunned.

051125   Altes Museum   Hurva Synagogue  
051125   Hurva Synagogue   St. Pierre Firminy-Vert  
051125   Untitled House  

2005.11.30 17:33
Consumerism and Monumentality
Monumentality in architecture has a much longer relationship with reenactment than it does with consumerism. According to monument is pretty much synonymous with memorial and thus memory (ie, mental reenactment) is integral to monumentality.
Is one of today's problems (in designing a monument) that there is no longer a collective memory?
I occasionally wonder if the Second Bank of the United States (1818-1820) is the first bank anywhere to reenact a Greek temple. The First Bank (1795) is more Palladian than pure temple. Typology has a long relationship with reenactment as well.
Architects can build allusions and architects can build illusions.
Generic buildings and typical plans have a long history too.
I wish scale in architecture was simply taught more.

051215   Ludi 001  
051215   Ludi 002  



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