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2018.11.06 07:48
as for my lack of restraint as a moderator, there's only three instances that I can recall blocking people on a particular thread, that I can recall; I'm sure I blocked Balkins from the SAM thread after his shenanigans on the Google doc, and his rampant misogynistic posts. J-lax I either ignore, or blocked them for the same. I kill all obvious spam threads and posts from bots. When Lauf shows up to post a quote from me attacking him, from 12 years or so ago, I don't freak the fuck out and block him. The insipid clowns that wrote I posted racist, sexist and hate speech, I even let that go, despite what lies like that, by anonymous assholes can do to careers. Especially, when only a handful of you even know me.
Yes, I insult, yes I'm caustic, but to suggest that insults are hate speech, is so far beyond the pale, that you should be embarrassed for even typing that drivel.

2018.11.08 11:53
Presently investigating the artistic feasibility of turning the 20 March 2015 email exchange into museum pieces.

Worst Client Ever
2015.03.15 20:58
I don't think I was being critical of Miles work, or his father's work, but I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and for the negative comments, I apologize.
I would like to note, for the archinect record, the flaming irony with which I am called jealous, by Miles for pointedly targeting the idea that I am supposed to take seriously the criticism of the profession, and it's so-called superstars, by someone who is one, not an architect, and two, designs homes for Long Island/Hamptons elitists.
Miles, I am sorry for launching my tirade at you, you deserve better, lately, you have pushed my buttons, and I can't stand reading all of your negative posts. I have nothing but respect for your father's work.
As for my work. I have been pretty clear about not showing anything I do, for anyone I don't know. I am not as confident as Miles, or Lauf - and while I think he has all the charm of slug - I think what he is doing, is beyond brilliant, I just wish he'd sell me a copy of his book.

2015.03.20 10:26
Private message via Archinect
Dear b3tadine[sutures],
The above web pages contain links to Xlibris where you can purchase any of the three volumes of A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit.

2015.03.20 10:41
Re: Private message via Archinect
Excellent. I remember trying to get it through Amazon, but to no avail.

2015.03.20 10:47
Re: Private message via Archinect
Done. Bought all 3.

2015.03.20 11:26
Re: Private message via Archinect
Just finished eating breakfast and helping my brother by putting a little honey and lemon juice in his teaólittle by little heís becoming more and more dependent on me. Todayís my birthday; Iím 59 years old as of 6:52 am est. There was a snow storm in Philadelphia when I was born, and weíre in the midst of a snow storm here today. This is either the fourth or fifth time a snow storm occurred in Philadelphia on my birthday. Spring began at something like 10:49 am in 1956, so I was born when it was still winter on this part of the planet. I guess I should take a shower soon, as I didnít take one yesterdayóran a lot of errands and by late afternoon my brother was starting to get anxious, so I took him for a ride. Not really sure what Iíll be doing today yet.

2015.03.20 12:07
Re: Private message via Archinect
I can't suggest that you enjoy the day, because most days, I wake up disappointed, disappointed that my last wish, before I fell asleep, never came true.

2015.03.20 12:23
Re: Private message via Archinect
It may surprise you, but helping my brother when he really needs it is one of the very few things that actually brings joy into my life, thus there is some joy in virtually every day of my life now.

2015.03.20 12:27
Re: Private message via Archinect
Actually, it doesn't surprise me, contrary to what many people may believe, I find contributing to my communities brings me tremendous joy.

2015.03.20 12:43
Re: Private message via Archinect
Actually helping brings joy into my life, but contributing to my communities has proven to bring very little joy into my life, like even you are part of that.

2015.03.20 13:03
Re: Private message via Archinect
I'm sorry that I manage to make your life difficult. I believe you and I are not meant for online communication. Forums or email does not provide for easy conversation.

2015.03.20 13:11
Re: Private message via Archinect
You have not made any part of my life difficult; you just havenít brought any joy to it. And, to be honest, your comments to and about me at architect are even written in a way to make sure I receive no joy from them.

2015.03.20 13:23
Re: Private message via Archinect
You are correct.
As have many of yours. In fact, you're one of the primary reasons I don't share any of my work or ideas. You pretty much crapped on a paper I wrote, any ideas that were contrary to yours, and made no room for the possibility of an alternate reading. Your negativity towards me, and to idea of putting work out there, to share and try to learn more, and the subsequent backlash is why I won't. I have a difficult time as it is finding value in what I want to do as an architect, without dealing with unhelpful, and seemingly personal criticism about my work. You it would seem don't suffer from that kind of crippling paralysis, hence, while I may not like your online presence, I do have tremendous of respect for what you're doing. Whether or not you believe that, I really don't care, I tend not to buy books from architects whose work I don't appreciate.

2015.03.20 13:54
Re: Private message via Archinect
My negativity toward you came well after you started posting negative comments about me. I found your school paper (many years after you posted it in 2002 or 2003?) when I was looking back into archinect/forum archives trying to find out what I had possibly done to cause you to start posting negatively to and about me. I wasnít even reading or posting at archinect/forum when you posted the paper, so I certainly didnít comment on it at that time. (My first post at archinect was early 2003, but I didnít read or post regularly at archinect until around August 2003óroughly from memory.) Then reading the paper circa 2009 or 2011, I could only imagine you didnít like me because I was posting stuff about Piranesi that was (unwittingly) contrary to what you wrote. Read my commentary on the paper again and see that I indeed pointed out what I thought were the best (and original) parts (to you).
Other than a few times, I really havenít communicated with you at archinect forum. Can you tell me now why you started with the negativity?

2015.03.20 14:13
Re: Private message via Archinect
See, I knew this is where our conversation would go. I distinctly remember sharing thoughts about Jennifer Bloomer and her reading or misreading of Piranesi, again, based on her Tafuri readings, Joyce and Derrida readings, and me finding value in her reading, and you belittling me, or shutting me down or dismissing me. I found your univocal reading, and your absolute refusal to acknowledge alternative thinking, antithetical to everything I learned.
Clearly your memory of my antagonism hasn't prevented you from posting, and clearly you don't think enough of me to care, and as I have said many times, I may not like your presence, but I don't dislike what you're doing. I still have a memory of asking how to engage your work and you not being particularly helpful.
My problem with you these past few months has everything to do with your comments around the podcast, and our involvement. It's the one thing I have had particular joy in doing, in fact, it's keeping me sane. To know that you interfered where no one asked, especially around issues of compensation, really pissed me off. I've been around the block, I know when I'm being taken advantage. Some things I do, I do because it makes me happy, and I'm not interested in compensation. If it happens, then it happens, and I may even give that to charity.

It rocked Eisenman on his chair...
2015.03.20 15:04
The only time prior within archinect/forum that I wrote about "Bloomer's book" was 2004.04.22 and 2004.04.23 within a thread "seminal reads in architecture" (a thread which no longer exists online, but I have a copy of up to my 2004.04.23 post). There was a little back-and-forth between me and another user named 'troublemaker'.
Now, where's that post about great-grandfather Piranesi?

2015.03.20 15:39
Re: Private message via Archinect
Since my lastest posts at archinect/forum are not showing up on the front page of archinect/forum it seems youíre the one having a hard time accepting opinions that are different from yours.

2015.03.20 15:45
Re: Private message via Archinect
Let me assure you. I've never asked to have anyone's post taken down. Ever.

2015.03.20 15:58
Re: Private message via Archinect
The thread that wonít show up contains evidence that I in no way belittled you or shut you down or dismissed you with regard to you and your finding value in Bloomerís book.

2015.03.20 16:28
It would also seem you're incorrect. The thread you posted on, is showing up in the list, I can see it on all my devices

2015.03.20 16:56
Re: Thread
Youíre right, the post is showing up. It wasnít showing up for me because I exclude posts from the Ďacademiaí category--I did not realize that the 2005 post was listed under the academia category.
And to put an end to this, I donít appreciate you bringing up your personal feelings about me in threads that I havenít even posted in. Youíre in no position to be a public character witness of me.

2015.03.20 17:08
Re: Thread
Well, I'd appreciate you minding your own business, about whether or not I'm compensated.
As for that comment, read today, it reads rather benign, but at the time I resented that something you saw as obvious, I didn't, because I wasn't interested in the scholarship, I was interested in using the premise central to Bloomer as a device, and your comment reads as "hey, stupid." instead of these are the 4-6 books.
As for you resurrecting a centrally dead thread, one in which I consistently acknowledge your scholarship, only goes to demonstrate how sinister and desperate you are as a man.
We're done. I look forward to reading your books.
Good day sir.

2015.03.20 17:18
Re: Thread
You acknowledging my scholarship is not the issue. You posting your personal feelings about me at archinect is the issue. Just donít do it anymore.

2015.03.20 19:54
Re: Thread
You know, I keep waiting for you to post the threads where I caused joy to leave you, alas, no luck. It would seem, despite the powers that be, and myself, supposedly depriving you "joy" you come back and post, time after time, I'm beginning to wonder, maybe you like it when people pay any attention to you, regardless of how it is received by you.
The one thing I could never understand, there is very little writing from Piranesi, or his contemporaries, you've never explained how you're an authority. I look forward to reading your manuscript, I am sure it will keep me warm at night.
Cheers Dahling,

Fashion Whores Reenacting Real Originals
2015.03.20 20:13
Eureka, but I don't see where I "pretty much crapped on a[nyone's] paper.

2015.03.20 21:30
Re: Thread
Youíre wrong about Piranesi having not written much. Virtually all his volumes of Ďarchaeologicalí engravings have substantial complementary texts. These texts are rarely published these days, let alone translated into English. Il Campo Marzio, for example, has a dedication written in Italian and Latin, a full architectural history text (in Italian) more than doubled by the footnotes, a numbered list of extant ruins and artefacts (corresponding to mapped locations) and a ĎCatalogoí which lists all the Campo Marzio buildings and their citings in antique, Renaissance and more recent texts. I donít read Italian, but I have learned how to read the Catalogo as the whole thing is very much like a very long bibliography. The Catalogo, in particular, meaning going to the ancient texts and reading what they say about certain buildings, has provided much information disclosing how Piranesi operated when he drew/designed the Ichnographia plans. As to the Ichnographia itself, it was after I translated all the Latin labels throughout the plan that I finally found out what was really going on therein.
Of all that has been written about the Ichnographia over the last 59 years, no one else has made more discoveries than me, foremost being my discovery that there are indeed two different versions of the plan. Do you know anyone else that discovered the existence of a Piranesi printing that, for 250 years, was otherwise there right in front of their eyes?



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