Thomas Hope     1807

Room Containing Greek Vases
Household Furniture and Interior Decoration

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Drawing Room. This room was principally fitted up for the reception of four large pictures, executed by Mr. daniel. and representing builf=dings in India. of Moorish architecture. Some part of the arrangement and decoration of the room were, for this reason, borrowed from the Saracenic style; though, from the unavoidable intermixture of other productions of art, of a totally different character with the pictures aforementioned, it was impossible to adhere to the Moorish style in the greater part of the detail.
A low sofa, after the eastern fashion, fills the corners of this room. Its ceiling, imitated from those prevailing in Turkish palaces, consists of a canopy of trellice-work, or reeds, tied together with ribbons. The border and the compartments of this ceiling display foliage, flowers, peacock's feathers, and other ornaments of a rich hue, and of a delicate texture, which, from the lightness of their weight, seem particularly adapted for this lofty and suspended situation. Persian carpets cover the floor.
As the colours of this room, in compliance with the oriental taste, are everywhere very vivid. and very strongly contrasted, due attention has been paid to their gradually lightening, as the eye rose from the skirting to the cornice. The tint of the sofa is feep crimson; that of the walls sky blue; and that of the ceiling pale yellow, intermixed with azure and with sea green. Ornaments of gold, in various shades, relieve and harmonize these colours. Round the room are placed incense urns, cassolettes, flower baskets, and other vehicles of natural and artificial perfumes.




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