3 June

1524 Bartolomeo Bono ended his charge at the Scuola di S. Rocco

1671 Sir William Bruce appointed "general overseer and superintendent " of the reconstruction of the palace of Holyrood (Edinburgh, Scotland)

1804 death of Nicholas Revett

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contiguous elements
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Archinect @ Postopolis!
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Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
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Thread Central
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BIG U project wins in New York City
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3 June
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From Tower Bridge to Sydney Harbour, welcome to China's city of clones
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A girls-only summer camp for aspiring architects and engineers
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John Hejduk drawings
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Fuck the White Gods
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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2007.06.03 23:32
Archinect @ Postopolis!
...the real point is that there are not idiots constantly, let alone necessarily, participating within architecture threads throughout the Internet. Letting go of that myth kind of forces the issue of what really is being said.

2007.06.03 23:54
Archinect @ Postopolis!
I'd say a de-territorialized critic is even more dangerous.

2009.06.03 09:50
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
And it's not even Reenactment Season yet!
double your theatrics, double your fun
read this morning:
"When the Convention moved from Versailles to Paris, it reopened in a new hemicycle built into the old palace theatre, the Salle des Machines of the Tuileries, designed by the revolutionary Jacques-Pierre Gisors, even if the semicircular layout, the high colonnade and zenital lighting followed the model of the sober, neo-antique anatomy theatre in the Ecole de la Chirurgie. Although the assembly hall was a bit makeshift (the statues which ornamented its walls were all painted simulations), the hemicycle found favour and was copied when the chamber was enlarged and rebuilt in the Palais-Bourbon. Two centuries later it still serves the Chamber of Deputies. With its obvious division into left and right, it became the model for many parliamentary chambers all over the world--a curious fate for an emulation of an anatomy theatre."
For sure a significant note within "Surgical Double Theater".
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2014.06.03 12:23
BIG U project wins in New York City
"In the future, all museums will be an advertisement."

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2014.06.03 13:27
From Tower Bridge to Sydney Harbour, welcome to China's city of clones
Slowly but surely they're catching up...




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