Concerning architecture work...

Concerning architecture work, it will be a continuation of the same projects I have always been doing. Essentially it will be the generation of more and more data related to all kinds of different specific projects. Campo Marzio, Schinkel's Berlin, the "Houses" in usr/museum, scale, promenade, models - they are all part of the ongoing process and I see now how it is going to remain that way from now on. I forgot to mention the Parkway project on the list. All this work will eventually amount to something more, but first I must always record the data as soon as possible. The architecture work, perhaps more than the art work, is directly tied to the record project.

documentations/record project
Within architecture, however, there are many topics I want to document: the Parkway project, the museum of architecture project, the architectural promenade, and just the documentation of each of the unbuilt buildings computer models.

Campo Marzio
Ichnographia Campus Martius   ::   Encyclopedia Ichnographica   ::   Ichnographia Campus Martius plus ultra

Schinkel's Berlin
quondam intentions   ::   Chronology of K. F. Schinkel's Work   ::   Sammlung Architektonischer Entwürfe

the "Houses" in usr/museum
House in Laguna 001   ::   Wacko House 001   ::   Mayor's House

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the Parkway project

documentation of each of the unbuilt buildings computer models
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