The Susquehanna Road

Evening Public Ledger

Fox Chase Property, Owned by Crawford Family, Changes Hands

Announcement is made of the sale of forty-two acres of "Ury," the Crawford estate on Verree Road, Foxchase. The purchase was made by Thad S. Krause from Harriet C. Crawford.

The land is a part of the 80-acre estate in the Crawford family for more than 100 years [sic]. The mansion was erected on the site of the old Swedish trading post founded there in 1685 [sic]. The Susquehanna Road, planned by William Penn's surveyors [Thomas Holme] as a great highway between the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers, was to have passed through the estate.


Portion of the 1687 Holme plan of Pennsylvania

In the 1687 plan of Pennsylvania, the planned Susquehanna Road (marked in red above) runs along the course of Dublin Creek (today's Pennypack Creek). The only portion of Susquehanna Road that exists today within Philadelphia proper runs along the northern edge of the Ury Estate (marked in blue above). A fair stretch of Susquehanna Road exists, however, through Montgomery County, immediately west of the Ury Estate. Interestingly, Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia and Susquehanna Road in Montgonery County do not align exactly, yet their respective trajectories run parallel with about a thousand foot gap between.




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