Edelin (Edelinus)
abbot and architect.
Edelin was abbot of the monastery of Weissenburg (Elsass, Germany) from 1262 to 1293. He rebuilt the church of his abbey, which still exists. He built also a refectory, and established subterranean furnaces to warm his monastery.

Columns from the Church of St. Flavian near Montefiascone.

Bases and capitals of a group of columns, from one of the pillars of the Church of St. Flavian near Montefiascone.

Longitudinal section of St. Flavian, near Montefiascone; the Gothic arches are of the time of the construction, in 1030; the rest at the time of the restoration, in 1262.
Plan of the lower part of the same church; in the center is a grating in the vaulting, that the high altar may be seen from the upper church.

Elevation of one of the fašades of the church of St. Flavian. Above is a small gallery, or open lodge, from which Pope Urban IV, who for some time dwelt at Montefiascone, gave the people his benediction.
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