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Schinkel's distinguished architectural performance represents a particular contribution for the whole city of Berlin and became a motif in our building complex. At this point, we proceded by solving the problem to architects in the early 19th century, who quoted and reconstructed classical architecture on their own part. Schinkel achieved the visual and stylistic features of Berlin by quoting from Greek and Roman Classicism while Klenze did the same in Munich when quoting from the Renaissance architecture in Florence. Likewise we quoted from the constructive and compositional elements of Schinkel's Humboldt Mansion, i.e., we inherited the historical context of Yegel and obtained the means of representing the particular image of Tegel. This importance is further emphasized by naming parts of the complex after Schinkel and Humboldt.
Our project can thus be regarded as a homage to Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Arata Isozaki

2018.04.07 20:42
guess the plan [building]

I'm pretty sure what was left of the building was still standing when he was there.

2018.04.07 21:34
guess the plan [building]
You may not know the East--the building wasn't there by your time anyway--but surely you at least know one famous Berlin architect.




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