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August 2018

Michael Meredith

Lists and Lists and . . .   Find and Tell   Canadian Centre for Architecture

AP145.S2.D18 Ambiguity House

A good title for a house. Only two sketches, from what I can tell.

John Hejduk. Notes and sketches for 1/4 House A featuring Ambiguity House, 1968-1974. John Hejduk fonds, CCA. DR1998:0069:003

John Hejduk. Sketch site plan for Ambiguity House, 1968-1974. John Hejduk fonds, CCA. DR1998:0066:001

A. The drawing seems like a landscape, a kind of miniature golf course, picturesque.

B. Things seem to change for Hejduk. Here, formal techniques become more ambiguous.

C. The red circle is still there—a hearth, perhaps—but elements are less defined, and are not set against other parts to produce a composition.

D. It looks like different things linked together, Miesian and Corbusian elements melded to produce more of a single plastic surface, inhabited like a long corridor or straw.

E. If the early work are compositions framed, painterly abstraction, then many of the later houses move away from that, becoming objects, volumes assembled floating in space without their frame.

F. Part of what makes the experience of an archive so intimate are the thoughts/fragments scatter on pages, like “The reality of architecture will always have to be less than its image or its representation the question is how to bring it as close to its representation as possible. The problem with photographing architecture is one of bringing it back to its image or representation,” “Cinemagraphic,” “Film deals with the reality of space and movement, also light, color, sound, smell nowhere architecture how.” “how to make architecture like cinema can it be done.” “Now I understand the concept of layering,” “The problem of a zoom lens for architecture relative to a pan.” “Destroy reality of architecutre- needs put into a real figurative state which one rejects.” “What is figurative architecture” “Composing with found objects in architecture”




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