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1781 death of George David Anthon
1794 birth of Sir John Rennie;     From Piranesi’s dense correspondence with Gustav Adolf Reuterholm (1756–1813) between 1790 and 1797, it is evident that relations between Righetti and the Swedish court were strong. On 30th August 1794 Piranesi sent Reuterholm a list of the contents of the cases he had just dispatched to Stockholm. Among numerous pieces there was a bronze tripod copied from the one in the museum at Portici. Piranesi added that this was ‘the same that your Excellency saw at Francesco Righetti’s from whom you bought your bronzes when you were in Rome’. In 1792 Reuterholm had been in Rome and met both Piranesi and Righetti. Evidently Reuterholm was also interested in Righetti’s bronzes, although it is difficult to establish if his attention was caught by simple statues or if he preferred other objects in the artist’s studio. From Piranesi’s words it is evident that the tripod was not sent to Sweden at the King’s request but by Piranesi himself as proof of his fealty. In order to help Reuterholm identify the piece he described it at length, saying that it was a plate in his father’s first volume of vases and candelabra.--Chiara Teolato

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Scully on Kahn
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Re: FW Evolutionary theory and architecture
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Re: the building as burkha
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Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
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Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
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Precedents of Arrival
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oma/koolhaas dossiers, etc.
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novel architecturale
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You never forget your first love: An ode to John Portman
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Selgascano   New Auditorium   Plasencia

COBE Transform   Maritime Museum   Porsgrunn

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Re: the building as burkha
I'm curious as to how much thought, if any, has been given to the design of all the security checkpoints that will eventually be a part of all the new buildings and memorial at Ground Zero. Even without research, I imagine none of the proposed buildings and memorial will exist without many security checkpoints. Perhaps Ground Zero could be surrounded by a new and smaller version of the Berlin Wall (creating an island of Freedom Tower), thus potentially narrowing the number of checkpoints down to three--Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Even Wall Street would have real meaning again!
Or maybe my imagination has run away and Architecture of the Divided States of America is really completely fictitious.
walls = denial = burkha = ?
Did you ever see pictures of how the first manifestation of the Berlin Wall was a continuous line of armed Communist soldiers standing abreast side by side? Remember Hands Across America? "Ich bin ein Ground Zeroed!"


2005.08.30 10:36
Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
I think it's interesting that most human teeth reenact themselves.
Since our minds reenact our perceptions, is that an indication that the operation of mental reenactment is somehow already coded in our DNA?

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2013.08.30 20:13
Precedents of Arrival
Not exactly a precedent of arrival, or arrival-threshold-gateway, but take a look at Le Corbusier's promenade architecturale formula as played out in several building designs.
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If anything, it might give you a better idea how architecture can deliver a sequential narrative. It also demonstrates how architecture can be used to deliver a destination.

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