LeDeuzzy, Q.
Emil Kaufmann

I believe in multiple choice
Three Revolutionary Architects, Boullee, Ledoux, and Lequeu

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Look-out of the game keeper - (Poste du) garde-chasse

Monument à la gloire de nombre d'hommes illustres

Infernal grotto - Entrée de la caverne infernale du jardin chinois

and the Look-out of the Gamekeeper are made up by knotty trunks or clad with bark. Each of these designs might be regarded as just a playful pastime of the Romantic Mood, but the fact that such different realms simultaneously entered the consciousness of mankind may teach us that there was a great awakening about 1800, uncertain of its reform architecture.

The Search for New Forms
We find in Lequeu's projects other excesses which Blondel had condemned. Overabundance of statuary characterizes the Monument in Honor of Illustrious Men, dated an 2 de la Republique;

columns transformed into bizarre shapes without any "order" appear in the Entrance of the Infernal Grotto;

Pompe à feu

Powder magazine - Magasin à poudre

Beacon - Colonne cochlide, phare

distorted forms on the Pompe à feu;

and the Powder Magazine.

In the last two designs the roof lines are transformed into features of great expressiveness: mute matter here speaks of restive elements. The winding stairs of the Beacon (Colonne cochlide) also have become a fanciful, oversized pattern.




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