LeDeuzzy, Q.
Emil Kaufmann

I believe in multiple choice
Three Revolutionary Architects, Boullee, Ledoux, and Lequeu

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Soldier's Memorial - Monument à ériger au centre de I'Etoile de la superbe avenue Royale (qui) conduit au Pont de Neuilly

Funeral Monument - Sépulture du brave général

Terrasse sur le bord du fleuve

On the way to this future stand two late designs: The Soldiers' Memorial, bearing the name of Louis XVIII,

and the Funeral Monument. In these designs the architect once more availed himself of various features of the past. Although they are still somewhat restless, they have much of that severity which architecture in our own time was to reach after long and strenuous efforts.

The concept of unrelated blocks appears also in the Terrace on the River

Temple of Virtue - Temple à la Vertu

Casino - Casin à partie

Ecclesiastical Prison - Prison de la iuridiction des choses spirituelles et temporelles

and the Temple of Virtue.

The Casino is a terrace building . . .     . . . far cry from the plasticity of the Athena Monument, one of his earliest inventions.

The Ecclesiastical Prison is of utmost sobriety . The date MCCCC on the roof should certaintly read MDCCC. There is less tension here and less vigor than in Ledoux' Prison of Aix. Architecture is beginning to calm down. The strong portal with the oversized keystones calls to mind similar forms on Ledoux' barrières.




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