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Emil Kaufmann

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Three Revolutionary Architects, Boullee, Ledoux, and Lequeu

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Arch - Arc triomphal du chemin des triomphateurs du cirque

Memorial to Victor Moreau

Arch of the brave - Arc en l'honneur des braves de la patrie

Lequeu knew how to raise the ordinary to something extraordinary. His capricious metamorphoses of every-day features are far more stimulating than the insipid works of the Classicists, and his variations on classical themes in artistic value surpass the most "correct" duplications of the unimaginative copyists. His Arch for the Triumphal Road,

the Memorial to Victor Moreau (who died in 1813),

and the Arch in Honor of the Brave, have little in common with the classical precedents.

Monument des braves citoyens morts pour la patrie


Maison de plaisance

The Memorial to the Citizens Who Died for Their Country is not a pedantic imitation of Egyptian or Greek motifs, but a mixture of both with much of Lequeu's own.

Likewise, the Belvedere

and the Rural Retreat, both of 1785, show how freely he handled traditional features and how free he felt to change traditional composition.




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