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coming apart at the seamless  
diptych: architecture and thinking twice  
welcome to the hotel anecdotal  
the architecture of being [fog]  
unthinking an architecture  

the nimiety of architecture: an abundance of redundance in architectural education, theory and practice  
learning from lacunae  
learning from girard avenue  
publi/city: towards a new product placement  
rita novel this sontag  
redesigning newness: architecture's search for an answer to sprawl  
balloon and prick: modern reading as virtual architecture  

complex iconography and contradictory content in architecture   3835
quaestio abstrusa  
architecture exaggerated  
views from the garden of satire  
for an architecture of irreality  
trafficking in architecture  
theatrics times two  
seven typical plans of ambiguity  

architecture not now  
schlachtfest architektur: tod eines kritikers  
volume and congestion  
über œuvred e suicidal  
unarrested architecture  
learning from mixed messages  
kohlhaas wo bist du?  
the further adventures of the broke baroque style  
architektur von vorläufer  
random access memory and urbanism  

the reality of convenient memory architecture, theory even  
architecture as a glorious whole  
learning contradiction from a complex who done it  
renewing vows: still obliged toward the difficult whole  
some titles become (non-existent) links  
well designed limits =/? architecture  
better never than quondam  
learning from virtual museum to oblivion  
architecture post semiquincentennial  




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