what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.27 21:34
The Architect's Wife

wife as double entendre

2007.01.27 20:53
The Architect's Wife

2007.01.27 20:43
Any Interest in a Novel About a Gay Architect in 1890?
This has the makings of a really gay architecture novel.

2007.01.27 20:36
The Architect's Wife
eat dinner? it's pretty obvious you were just at a quondam banquet

2007.01.27 20:27
Quest for architect baby - Frank Lloyd-Wrightenstein!

2007.01.24 13:49
for marcel breuer's admirers
I've noticed that the 1980s style Wawa is headed toward extinction! Please help save these lovely creatures.

2007.01.24 13:36
The age of technological revolution is 100 years dead
fun with...

2007.01.24 12:19
for marcel breuer's admirers
Oh, and get that great new book on the workings of inspiration. I'm pretty sure it's called Even You Can Be A Copy Cat.

2007.01.24 12:08
The age of technological revolution is 100 years dead
"In the future your whole life will be a phone call."

2007.01.24 12:06
Architect Duel III - Live Photos from NYC
Look out Fear Factor!

Gosh, even theater of the absurd isn't absurd anymore.

2007.01.24 12:00
for marcel breuer's admirers
"Don't get me started! Don't even get me started!!"




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