10 June

1468 Luciano da Laurana created chief architect and engineer of the palace at Urbino

1786 supression of the old cemetery of the Innocents on the corner of the Rue Saint-Denis and the Rue aux Fers, Paris

1805 birth of Victor Baltard

Avant-Garde Anachronist
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your favorite buildings/projects, built and unbuilt
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Which unbuilt project makes you fantasize?
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What watch do you wear or wish you could own?
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Why is architectural theory so hard to read?
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Renderings of BIG-Designed Two World Trade Center Revealed
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2015.06.10 11:27     3311b 3706f

Fuck the White Gods
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Campo Marzio / Philadelphia
2021.06.10     9007l

The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Herzog & de Meuron   Roche Building 2   Basel

2005.06.10 11:26
your favorite buildings/projects, built and unbuilt
My first ah-ha! moment happened like 45 years ago.

2005.06.10 15:12
Which unbuilt project makes you fantasize?
...with regard to the two OMA projects you like [Oma's Agadir Hotel & convention Center in Morocco or Oma bibliòtheque in Paris], look very closely now at Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg, 1964 (unexecuted) for the true inspiration for both these projects.
I built a computer model of the Palais in 1990 and I/Arcadia - Architectural CAD Services published slides and drawings in 1991--Harvard's Loeb Library purchased both. I think Koolhaas subsequently saw this stuff there.

08061001 Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti schematic plan   2195i00


17061001 Villa Shodhan plans  
17061002 Il Teatro del Mondo elevations  
17061003 Unity Temple plans section elevations  
17061004 Palace Stoclet plans elevations  
17061005 Turbine Factory plan section elevation  
17061006 Glass Pavilion plans section elevation  
17061007 Bauhaus plans section elevations  
17061008 Open Air School plans section   246ai31
17061009 German Pavilion plan section elevations   2152i0b
17061010 Tuberculosis Sanitorium plans section site plan  
17061011 Gothenburg Law Court Annex plans section elevations  
17061012 Johnson Wax Building plans section  
17061013 Guggenheim Museum plans section  
17061014 Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut plan section elevations site plan   217ui003
17061015 Crown Hall plan sections elevation  
17061016 Palace of Assembly plans section elevation  
17061017 Monastery of La Tourette plans section   2178i0a
17061018 Seagrams Building plans elevation   217xi003
17061019 Philharmonic Hall plans section   246ai32
17061020 Sydney Opera House plans section elevations   246ai33
17061021 Palazzetto dello Sport plan section   246ai34
17061022 Querini Stampalia Foundation plan sections  
17061023 Salk Institute plans section   218ei01
17061024 St. Peter's Church plan section elevation   246ai35
17061025 Seinajoki Library plan section   246ai36
17061026 Ford Foundation Building plans section   246ai37
17061027 Roman Catholic Church plans section elevaions   246ai38
17061028 Kimbell Art Museum plan section elevaion   2210i0a

18061001   Herzog & de Meuron   Roche Building 2   Basel

19061001 Surface Building 1 elevations axonometrics perspectives model   2470i23
19061002 Robert Wiley House plan site plan image   216mi01   b




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