The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

15 December 1778   Tuesday

Vuë des restes du derriere du Pronaos du Temple de Neptune dessiné dans les deux planches précédéntes. A Pilastre rendu d'une proportion plus élégante que celui B. L'on trouve á cðté d'eux, les restes C des Murs internes de la Celle. D Restes de deux rangs de Colonnes qui étoient situées dans la Celle du Temple.     Cav. Piranesi F.
View of the remains of the back of the Pronaos of the Temple of Neptune drawn in the two preceding plates. A Pilaster rendered in a more elegant proportion than that B. Next to them are the remains C of the Internal Walls of La Celle. D Remains of two rows of Columns which were located in the Temple Cell.

15 December 1812   Tuesday

Morning without a cloud, nearly calm air toward W.N. Temperature in 37 degrees, out 30 degrees. I had the ground broken in 3 places this morning in the lower part of the garden shelter by the cedar. The frost id 2 3/4 inches deep. In the upper part where my experiments have been heretofore made it is 4 1/2 inches deep and in the road near the ice house and place expand to all ..... with N in them it is 6 1/4 inches deep. I have not heard how the ice on the pond or creek is, but this spell of cold weather for 5 days past seems now to be over. The air is mild and temperature will rise high for winter. At 9 it is 34 degrees and advanced to 41 degrees. But a fresh wind arose from NW with dark clouds which overspread the sky which continued .... till night. A light horizon in the S.W.

15 December 2001
Actually, see if there are any remains left of the Baths of Constantine. The baths were just south of the where the statues of Castor and Pollux at the Quirinale Palace are today. There might be some remains (or maybe a plaque on some wall) within one of the villa gardens on the site now. Likewise, see if you can find that big "bouncing" ball that was originally atop the obelisk of St. Peter's before it (the obelisk) was moved to the piazza. I think the ball is in one of the museum at the Campidoglio.
I don't know if any such thing exists, but if you're ever around a lot of ancient Roman portrait busts, be on the look out for one of Eutropia (c.250-c.329), the wife of Maximian and the mother-in-law of Constantine. It would be great to see what this Empress (and latter day architect) looked like.
And if you go the Sistine chapel, look for the one ignudi that is not all there now. Apparently two big chunks of the ceiling came falling down after a cannon was shot off at the Castle Sant'Angelo sometime in the 18th century. These lacunae of the ceiling are today patched with blank spots that actually blend in with their context. I think the damaged ignudi is one the pairs second in front the wall opposite the altar.

15 December 2004

Virtual Architecture 025

Virtual Architecture 028

Virtual Architecture 031

15 December 2022   Thursday

08:29     AK

09:09     SL
Hey Andrew, very nice execution. Seems as flawless as one can get. Even the yellows came out perfect.

19:12     SL
Hey Andrew, I have to comment on today's archive of affinities--senes c i:

it's nice and cool and everything, but what really struck me is that I don't think I've ever seen a composition quite like that before.

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