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  1     Book Towers: Elevator cab open. Elevator cab has a lamplight suspended from the bottom of the cab and a lamplight projected on top of the cab. The Book Tower's interior peripheral walls are lined with oak bookshelves containing books. Since the tower is unlit a miner's headgear is provided fdr the passenger so the books can be searched out. Looking down the book shaft (as he rides up) the passenger sees a faint light illuminating the edge stacks. There are two levels at the top of the tower:
    1 Elevator exit platform, machinery platform.
    2 Observatory platform.
        The three external stairs (one stair for each tower) are suspended from the exterior of the tower.
        They have two possibilities:
    A. Stair ending at a telescope.
    B. Stair ending at open-ended platform (with no protective railing).
Book Tower Structure: Reinforced concrete, steel clad
Cantilevered Stair: Lizard on a vertical wall
    Biological fragility of pure geometry.

  2         One hundred thousand incinerated in six seconds - Japan.

  3     The Death Penalty being reinstituted
            in Salt Lake City by firing squad
        (Reported Marksmen selected by volunteering)
    vFiring squad of 6 or perhaps 8
            blanks are issued

  4     A Governor of State signs into law
        Execution by injection
        Possibility of the claim of a more humane execution
            Is it a physician who injects or a para-medic?

  5     The injection of a plant substance between the discs to dissolve gelatinous material: the particles fall into the internal cavities of the body. An injection at the base of the skull: the particles of the brain rising along the surface of the internal cavity of the cranium.

  6     J. calls by mistake looking for a book he loaned that never was returned. We speak of tracings, erasures, overlays, and X-rays.

  7             G. claims that she was born in Germany.

  8         The pointal system of electronics.

  9     H. speaks of a gentle wind pushing him at his back all during his youth. Now in old age the wind is in front of him creating a fierce suction which steps up his acceleration ...

10             Thoughts relating to Victims.

11     Memory has a time limit for all.

12         Sailboats gliding on a lake while canal barges dump their refuse.

13     Berlin Steel: Exposed
            New York Steel: Hidden
            Chicago Steel: Hidden (its after-image exposed)

14     Maze-labyrinth:
        The corner rooms have no possibility of entry

15     The boat whistle calling while Angela is lost in the stone corridors. She can be heard crying, but she cannot be seen. This story was told by M. It begins to rain and she follows the rivulets to the sea tapping the vertical walls with a wood mallet sounding the earth for echoes.

16     The chairs in the corner rooms
        are made of steel and
        are bolted to the concrete floor

17     There are 48 rooms and a synthesizer.

18     The modern minotaur woufd use the thread to disguise the horns.

19     The nesting place of gulls smells of their         defecations and of cracked clam shells         dropped from a height onto stones.

20     The decision to put wires underground, the voices transmitted through earth instead of air. A matter of densification.

21     Piglet-eardrums being eaten at a northern architect's transplant.
        They were served up as being snails

22     The police car was parked on the sidewalk sitting under chestnut trees as the van approached. It moves off the curb as a crocodile moves off a sand bank. (The image from a movie about a kidnapping.)

23     The relationship of official terror and the cut of a uniform.

24     6 X 9 room
        9 x 9 room                 The decision not to draw people in it.

25     Hook:     A piece of metal or other material bent back or having a sharp angle for catching hold or hanging things upon. Bent piece of metal barbed.
Chair:     Separate seat for one.

26     Premonition:
As if the heart was encased in blackboard slate and a piece of chalk was scratched along its surface. The disintegrating white flakes mixed with the blood.

27     It was 1936, his Father descended from the West Farms trolley, he approached the catholic protectory wall and told the officer that he was his son. The officer asked the boy if he was his father, the son said "No".

28     Is it possible to take 66 separate drawings and make a negative of each, take all 66 negatives putting them one on top of the other and to print them simultaneously? Will it all blur?

29     Blur:
        Dimness, confused, disfigure.

30     Eagles emerge from the eye sockets of Poseidon as the encrustations of sea anemones are scraped off his metal skin.

  l     She is the cellist and promises to be there on time.

  2         Hawthorne's obsession with northern drownings.

  3     Looking at the facts in disbelief.
            A German Mathematician has the proof.

  4     She puts her ear down to the cello
        as if she is looking to hear heart beats. Her ear is warned

  5         The support system for the alphabet . . . monstrous.

  6     Her hair (becomes electrified) as she begins to move the bow across the string. Her unearthings have to do with the findings of the notes.

  7     The former canal boat captain
        flips the switch and adjusts the dial

  8     Flying from Frankfurt to Berlin in the early morning: the rivers of Germany are mercury placed on the surface of milk glass recently heated, moulded, and left to cool.

  9     They know why architecture is
        a monochromatic pursuit

10     The pond in back of the farm house was remote. At its south end it was enclosed by a dam-like wall. At its north end was a shallow swamp spotted with grey trunks of dead trees. The farmer's son said the pond was filled with snakes, this was true. The sound of the row boat oars gliding through the weeds heightened the general silence of the backwater. Through the thick underwater growth a line was dropped. Moments later the first catfish was caught, the experience was unsettling. It appeared that the weight of the catfish was concentrated in the head, the barbels remanents of after birth. It was the first time that he set eyes upon a fish head that had the volume and shape of a human head. He extracted the hook and demanded to be taken back to the shore.

11     The Uncle of the Farmer spent his idle time walkingalong the edge of the pond blowing the heads off the snakes with a 22, sometimes he shot turtles.

12     The excitement of the farm house inhabitants when the chicken hawks circled the barns, R. firing indiscriminately into the air. His mother shouting that he was wasting his time as she sat on the wooden stool plucking a chicken.

13     The day the pig was butchered was the day he decided it was time to leave and go home.

14     "Your insistence on the recapture of mythical animals
        perplexes me. What is behind it?"
        "The very thing that draws me to Berlin."
        "Ariadne eventually did disappear:"
        "In the myth or the reality?"
        "It makes no difference:"

15     Newspaper Morticians working on the alphabet.

16     N. excitedly greeted his guest anxious to read to him from the new work in progress and show him the catalogued butterflies.

17     The consequence of the death, elimination and the disappearance of a single letter.

18     Johannes in translating from German informed me that one of the requirements was that a children's playground should be included. He also states that he believes the ruins of the torture chambers are still on the site. Coincidental that I had included children's playground equipment before I found out about programme requirements. I think my thoughts are of another kind regarding these items. Above use of the word programme doesn't fit.

19     Atomic Light:
        bleaches the very shadows
        the evaporation of white
        protons, electrons and neutrons
        in disarray as when the
        hive has lost its Queen
        the bees flying in cacophonic panic
        their terror
        of abandonment

20             Being drawn in.

21         Transferences.

22         The word "vase'; always a dark word.

23     The logic of the digital clock?
        A clock where the numbers move.

24     The invention of the hour-glass: the strangulation of time.

25     With the official elimination of the death certificate it was no longer necessary to fabricate witnesses.

26     He wore the words of his victims
        as a transparent shroud

27     I trust V. He is voluminous and speaks of nineteenth-century authors.

28     Christa Wolf and Kleist No Place on Earth: as if one's own mind was placed in another's head. As a membrane deftly inserted between the inside skin of the forehead and the outside mucous of the brain. That is as if the bone of the skull had been removed: concisely, in the mind of a woman.

29     G.'s face makes antiquity transferable.

30     The sound of rubber tyres over a Berlin snow. He stopped the automobile to brush the white from the windshield. The pewter eagle flew off the metal car hood

31     Record Hall
        13 rooms, 2 are sealed
        brother to the sister Berlin Masque Building 15
        11 corridors, 2 sides = 22
        1 ladder in each cell
        48 X 9 X 3 X 13

16848 X?

  1     The abstraction of numbers is unacceptable. This building brings a sadness on to me. A direct unambiguous structure.

  2     Problems of Memory:
        One can remember the face but not the name.
        "You don't recognise me do you?"
Brought to the surface, then, evaporation.
"I am terribly sorry, I recognize you but I do not remember your name."
        "Don't worry about it, it's only a signature:'

  3     The fact of Freud leaving Vienna and of Jung remaining in Kusnacht.

  4     The newspaper paragraph announcing the death of Auric: composer of the music for the films Beauty and the Beast and La Symphonie Pastorale. The same story told in different ways, the love for a woman by a monster.

  5     In 1936 the iceman produced the ice blocks 1' x 1' x 1' and delivered them to the house. He dug the steel prongs into the sides of the cubic volume lifting it off the icewagon (pulled by a horse) and put the block into the apartment's wood ice-box. He wore an apron made of seal skin and carried a burlap bag over his arm. He jabbed his ice pick rapidly into the block of ice so that small pieces fell into the street. He picked up the pieces and offered them to those who were being taken away.

  6     The Grandchildren blaming it on the Grandparents.
        All the ingredients for repetition

  7     "Did you know that after the divorce years later she married the priest who married them."

  8     The thought of pointal linkage of structures. Possibility of 3 point touch. In another direction all structures are exact distance from every other (100', 200'??). Within site a grid is laid out for the planting of the evergreen forest, very young trees, 3-4 feet high. It will take a long period of time to reach full growth. In the beginning structures will be taller than the trees... ground is always earth and should remain that way. The walking through a pine grove on earth.
Structures are placed in site (incremental growth - one at a time over a long period).
The sparks from the electric trolley line and cable spurting against a tableau of pine needles.
The trees (Nature) are planted in a strict order (grid) but their organic form is different (growth). The structures (building) are placed in disorder but their fabricated form is similar (construction).

  9     N. escaped three times:
        Russia, France, America
        Strange that he didn't relate his exile to his collection
        of butterflies

10     A rollercoaster structure made of wood or made
        of steel
        is like the difference between drinking milk out
        of a bottle
        or out of a cardboard container

11     Room for Thought: inconceivable specifications
        All structures must touch at a point.
        All structures exact distance to a point.

12     I first came to Berlin through a morning fog out from Oslo. The flight attendants were all men, they carried fire-arms. It was a time of terrorist activity. The airports had photographs of those known, some had red crosses covering their faces.

13     As if it still existed
        the undertakers finished with it some time ago

14     The constant reviving image of Juan Gris' face at the end. He painted his pallor into his last works as mortifications.

    Fistula:     Open wound
                      sends out roots like Medusa
                      instead of exterior snakeheads
                      interior abscesses

16     Passport implies a dual promise:
        exit & re-entry, departure and return.
        (State validation).

        "How long do you intend to remain?"
        "Until it is all over

Located vertically in each corner of the Passport Building's room is a hollow steel tube (8' high). At the top is a 100 watt bulb screwed in.
The Passport disappeared along with the reality of the photograph. It looked just like him. When it was returned it was completely stapled closed. The irreconcilability of the photo, of the number, of the signature and of the after-image of him.

        With her nail file she pried open the staples.

17     Passport and isometric maze. P.E. has passed through the isometric plan before. "In what way?" He became caught in the linear web but cut a path. The Lancaster­ Hanover Market did not see the earlier connection. The moment the walls are added making it a cell or a series of walled cells, the program of the Passport Building pushes to the surface. The isometric investigations of the Diamond are pivotal. The cellularisation specialises. The 9 square isometric plan simply eliminates a centre.

18     Ariadne's ball of string originating at the centre of the labyrinth-maze in order that she can return to the labyrinth. Before entering she knew that the Minotaur had already died.

19     D.S. telephone call coincidental,
        his thoughts on the New England Masque
        are an uncanny parallelism.

20     My Grandfather was a surgeon in Paris during that period of time you referred to. He collected Legers for a strange reason: he claimed that at the exact moment of the death of his hospital patients their eyes gave off an expression duplicating the eyes of the women Leger had painted. Paul was offended by the observation and said so. He was invited to see for himself. To add to the offense my Grandfather stated he even had seen Leger in a tuxedo. That remark broke off their relationship for good.

21     Gentrification has a direct relationship to poverty.

22     For those who looked the other way.
He/She in a capsule (rectangular) in the centre a viewer (a modified sub-marine telescope). The viewer sees projected on a mirror screen his/her own face. Nomatter how the telescope syringe shaped bulb is moved, the face of the viewer can only be seen, yet outside of the capsule, the people in the park can look up into the mirror and see themselves and each other along with the centralised image of the internal viewer-observer. Simply put, the interior observer's face on the mirror is surrounded by a multitude of passing faces he/she is unable to see.

23     The Toll Taker moves around the park, collecting tolls, announcing tolls. Tractor wheels, TV. antenna, loudspeaker, periscope and a large post office mail collection bag are attached at the back of the vehicle.

24     Judge:     Mirror image:     not quite.

        Sense of relief project drawing to a close.

26     "Dental work is not mathematical, it is an art. When tapping your teeth I changed the numbers in you. Not to trick you but to test you. I had a neurologist come in and he insisted I drill teeth that were in perfectly good condition. On the fifth tooth (the one he thought was OK) I found decay:'

27     Plumber's quarters:
        Bunk bed suspended A plumbing unit
        Cooking unit in corner Flue to outside
        bypasses rain water cistern

Plumber insists on getting back skin. He wants to clean it inside. Outside shelf, Edison phonograph.
After his daily ritual shower he leaves the unit, still wet, and cranks the phonograph. He always receives a shock.
He copied the unit from the design of the Master Builder of the Lancaster-Hanover Masque. The Master Builder remembers showing him the Berlin Masque. The Plumber knows about waste.

28     Started drawing of Record Hall, the heat in New York has reached 98 ° degrees Fahrenheit. Tons of air conditioning heat pouring into the air, engulfing the city.

29     From Search for a Living Fossil by E. Clymer. Scientists were startled more than a hundred years ago by the discovery in England of a 250 million year old fossil fish. Such a fossil had never before been brought to their attention. The ancient fish had strange leg-like fins that were supported on hollow spines. Louis Agassiz, the great Swiss geologist, named it Coelacanth (see-la-kanth) after two Greek words meaning "hollow" and "spine".

30     Enemy of the State: The Long-Distance Runner.
        Obscenity: Resurrection of Old Dreams.

31     To cover the site     with whispers     6" above the Earth.

SEPTEMBER     I once observed a man out at night with a vacuum cleaner held high above his head trying to suck in the stars: it was a hopeless task. He didn't have the machine plugged in.

  2     The skylight/lightwells of the Record Hall are translucent.

  3     Nature:
          The leaving of the shed locust shells on the Oak trees
          waiting for a September wind to blow them off
          "We built the damned pool in the lawn
          ...can't be used
          since the snails arrived:'

          Once you cut a trumpet in half through the long axis
          there is no sense if trying to put it back together again
          the sound won't be the same
          ...ever again.

  4     Out from Lampasas to Odessa

          The rocking chair is the soul of the porch
          remove it and all you have left
          is white pine for the carpenter ants

  5     "I have never seen a cat stalk a bat.
          Have you?"

          The problem of duality.

  6     The photo of Gris in a tuxedo.

  7     The conversations of Mendelsohn and
          Einstein about the tower.

  8     The haunting atmo phere of certain neighbourhoods in Berlin during the Fall. The organ music preventing the black eagle's complete entry. The grey suede spats worn by Behrens.

  9     Dr. K expertly removed the bone from the flesh
          and asked that his glass be re-filled.
          M. adjusted the needle and said she wanted to dance

10     The sound of one's language being desecrated.
          (In the short run)
          (Short circuiting)

11     The analogy of the serpent and the decapitated angel head (with wings).
It is the missing parts that confound, the initial shock prevents filling in.

12     The Mimosa tree in August weeps white-pink blossoms.

13     Tragedy of the Coelacanth caught.

14     Parody:
          Attempted cerebral murder
          they want the body
          to still-walk (for a while)

15     She sealed his coffin
          with the nails of his mind
          unbeknownst to her
          her hammering
          announced his thoughts

16     Berlin Graffiti

          New York Graffiti

17     Hybrid Landscape:
          12' high chain link
          fences surrounding 5th Avenue
          Apartment Houses . . . to the property line

18     Investigation of A Museum

          The granite pharaohs
          plotting their own escape
          from the museum
          the pewter Ibis
          gliding through the Egyptian hall
          flourescent marble panther
          on the glass faun
          shattering it to shards.
          The ivory snake
          by the slivers
          The painting on Nefertite's face
          as hyenas suck
          her wax tits
          The flesh of man
          a sacrilege
          in such a place.

19     The kidnapping of a voice
          how to drag it out
          of its organic place
          meaning of "His voice will be heard no more"
          precedes: "He will be seen no more".
          Once the voice is taken
          where to hide it?
          Is the voice equivalent to sound?
          When reading a quote: whose voice do we hear when we say
          "It sounds like him".
          Is it his or our own?
          The terrorist threat "We will sound like you".
          The victims appeal "Give us back our voice!"

20     The similarities of a museum and a zoological park at night

21     When first Ariadne's & the Minotaur's eyes met
          they recognized one in each other

22     Poetry     Missing Letter (E)
                        Poets calling for return

23     The pieces could be installed on/in site over a long period of time.
          One at a time. Perhaps, two 30-year generations.

24     R.'s description of E.'s having lost his dreams.

25     The store front sign indicating the training of guard dogs:
          They can be rented.
          A discarded white T-shirt stinking of a brutality.
          The anguish of the soul as the embalming fluid
          approaches the head.

26     As one proceeds the drawings
          become starker and the writings more convoluted.

27     Revision of thought on box car. Whole box car to be brought and placed on site. As deconstruction of the box car commences construction of the wall (where the parts are to be placed) begins. No way of knowing in the beginning how long the wall will be.

28     To trace over another's life.

29     When the park closes at night the park attendant dresses the back wounds of the merry-go-round horses due to the cylindrical rods speared through their bellies. They must sleep standing up. In the morning the moisture is wiped off their enamel manes.

30     Impossible to trace over another's line, the thought is missing.

1     School buses have the sense of dread in them.

2     Mask Repairman drives a stair vehicle
        Motor and driving wheel are under stairs.
        He climbs stairs to place masks
        in transparent cells.
        He repairs masks
        in his shop behind stairs.

3     The German knights pushed on to Cefalu pulling the painted black wood Pegasus on wheels behind them. The wind blew the lemons off the trees. The evening sea clouds followed the procession along the northern coast. He maintained his bent elbow at an outstretched horizontal position where the peacock was perched. On the road a squirrel passed in front of them. The infected rodent's tail was like a fish bone, picked clean. They felt it a bad sign, even though Medusa's head was in the burlap pouch. The bag was slung over the back of the lead horse. A rain drop mixed with the fluid of the lizard's eye. They passed a row of crucifixions. The only things not in a state of putrefaction was the armour. They all lowered their visors as they approached the town.

4     George related the events of that tragic winter. There occurred a sudden and rapid drop in temperature and the peculiar fact of the Landwehr Canal freezing during the early moments of dawn. Flocks of crows had landed on the canal during the night, completely covering the water. Somehow their claws had frozen into the ice. The sight confronting the Berliners was that of white slabs of ice moving in slow motion within the confines of the canal walls as the birds were frantically flapping their wings. Their legs were being stretched to the limit trying to release themselves from the frozen water which encased their claws. The shock was intensifiedby the observation that although the beaks of the birds were moving up and down there was no sound emitting into the morning air.

5     Disintegration: Stamp Building mechanism and Stamp Bureau.
Post Stamp?     Passport Stamp?
Gold -     Silver -     Dental

Male - Female

6     4   I   4   I   4   I   4   =   19
Even Thought - Odd Number

Plan clear, the rest uncomfortable
Ceiling fan of 1932
Governmental offices

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