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Painter - Studio A

Musician - Studio B

Poet - Studio C

22   Painter
The Painter is given Studio A in the park in order to paint.

Nature Morte

He thought he heard
it enter the still life
although the shutters
were closed
He sat in the wood chair
and waited
for the return
He dreamed of the
cliffs of Le Havre
The rooms somehow
were always permeated
in greens and browns
a lone gull
silently flying appeared
wings interweaving
within the vertical stripes
of the wall paper
His soul was released
it became white

23   Musician
The Musician is given Studio Bin the park in order to compose.

Dutch Interior

The mandolin intestines of
hollowed black crystals
slide against the internal
ultimately released through
the hole of stretched fibers
then diminished
in a tap

24   Poet
The Poet is given Studio C in the park in order to write.

Lampasas Square

stillness of heat
blue that does not move
clouds that do not echo
darkness that holds
endless twirl of fan

25   Soloist
At the heart of the matter.
A labyrinth
A corridor off which are small rooms: each room is separated by a door with a window in it. Each room has hung, suspended on the wall, a chair. A funnel­ shaped speaker extends through the roof of each room (for the transmission of sound to the outside).
The Musicians of Berlin pledge that all through the day and night there will be someone playing music, in at least one of the rooms. In fact, there is the possibility of all of the rooms being occupied by a Musician playing his or her instrument. The pieces played will always be different. One can imagine the park being filled (through the loudspeakers) with a cacophony of different compositions.
The visitors who move through the labyrinthian corridor are able to peer into the music rooms. They can see the Musicians playing but they cannot hear the music while inside the structure. The Musician receives a key from the Giver of the Keys, goes into the corridor, inserts the key into the door of one of the locked rooms, opens the door, closes it, locks it from the inside, takes down the suspended chair from its wall, sits, tunes his instrument, and begins to play. The room is filled with sound which escapes through the funnel loudspeaker into the park. The end room of the corridor is reserved for a composer who uses a synthesizer.

Soloist - Labyrinth

Musicians - Music Hall Units

Dancer - Dance Platform

26   Musicians
Throughout the park are scattered little separate units. They actually are the parts of a full orchestra. Once during the week the Musicians assemble and take their positions in the separated units and play a score (the same piece). They begin the work at an appointed time, play it through, put away their instruments and leave the park until the next performance.

27   Dancer
The Dance platform is for anyone's use. The dance must be performed in silence. One phrase can be whispered.

A Miniature Volume

how much does
your heart weigh
I don't know
perhaps as much as
a miniature volume
I would have to turn
it inside out
like a leather glove
my grandfather gave
me a sea conch
to hold I dropped it
stuck like a top
under the drift log
an armadillo shed tears
he held the fishing knife
and split the violin
down the middle
put his hand inside
and removed the air
the limp gut strings
entangled jelly fish
nets slipped and
smothered the swells
a dead sailor
filled with water
like a glass vessel
a widow walked
exhaling iris aromas
she reached out
and hugged the fog
to her breasts
light beam
caressed moist surfaces
night lips blow
sound Nantucket horns




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