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Stampman - Stamp Place

Accountant - Office 2

43   Stampman
Removes the stamps from the envelopes of unanswered letters. Acts as a depository of envelopes, dating from approximately 1931 to 1946. After careful removal of stamps he gently places them in between the pages of leather covered notebooks. When the notebooks are filled he places them in metal boxes which then are stored in the Record Hall. In order to remove the stamps he puts the envelopes in a bowl of water and waits patiently for the stamp to float to the surface. Under certain conditions of light his face can be seen as a history of stamps. When he cries his tears are made of ink. The wax sealed envelopes impress him as representing a more civilized time. In breaking the seal one felt that a three-dimensionality was being opened.

44   Accountant
Keeps precise records of accounts. Is determined to keep the memory alive. Does not believe in the abstraction of numbers. For each number there is a name and a thought.

45   Keeper of the Records
Centipede (sen'te'ped) n. An elongate, chiefly nocturnal myriapod (class Chilopoda) having a pair of legs to each segment. The front pair being modified into poison fangs. (LF L. Centipeda Centum hundred + Pes, Pedis Foot)

Keeper of the Records - Record Hall




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