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Children - Jungle Jim

Children - Sliding Pond

Children - Sandbox

Children - Swings

11   Children JJ (jungle jim)
Round steel bars producing a three-dimensional grid, bent nail-pinned joint. The hierarchy of the crow's-nest, a geometric confrontation of biological parts. The armpits of the legs encompassing a tubular section. Upside down the blood rushes to the head.

12   Children SP (sliding pond)
The illusions of smooth surfaces. Friction producing heat, clamped legs around buttocks -- the slide down.

13   Children SB (sand box)
Surrounded by 1" x 1" steel bars 6" on centre, 4' high. The sand was never deeper than 4" and the concrete base made it hard to sit in. Small things were always lost in the sand box and never found. It smelled of urine.

14   Children S (swings)
The swings' chains being double-helixed about themselves then suddenly released unravelling into a disorientation.

15   Children MGR (merry-go-round)
The view of the merry-go-round would never be the same again when it was discovered that over the winter a nest of coral snakes inhabited the inside of one of the merry-go-round horses. At that moment the shaft running through the back and body of the horse was seen in another light.

Children - Merry-Go-Round

Children - Spinner

Children - See-Saw

Children - Picnic Table

16   Children SP2 (spinner)
The cars are attached at the ends of a long metal arm. Two cars to an arm. The arm is attached to a central pivot point which connects to the supporting structure. The arm slowly begins to move about a 360 circle, picking up speed until it reaches its maximum. The cars themselves spin in a 360 cycle perpendicular to the other circle.

17   Children SS (see-saw)
The 2" x 12" wood plank was too heavy. The inner thighs were bruised because of the right-angled edges of the plank. The weight distribution being unequal. The cruelty of the other one when she slowly moved off the see-saw while you remained suspended.

18   Children PT (picnic table)
Picnic table made up of two 'A' frames and six planks nailed with steel spikes.




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