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31   Mask Repairman
The only known shop for the repairing of masks. The Mask Repairman knows the secrets of the masks. The common types of masks are:

1   The Eye Mask
2   The Eye and Nose Mask
3   The Full Face Mask

He collects and saves discarded masks. His prime interest is in the space created between the outside surface of the face and the inside surface of the mask.

Mask Repairman - Mask Shop

Watch Repairman - Watch Shop

Paper Restorer - Work Shop
Carpenter - Wood Shop
Shoe Repairman - Shoe Shop
Clothman - Shop of Clothes

Plumber - Water House

32   Watch Repairman
His prime objective is to repair time.

33   Paper Restorer
The art of paper restoration is practised by the Paper Restorer within the confines of the park. Although a difficult task, she lovingly tries to heal the damaged paper. Her solution is to give the time necessary for a proper restoration.
Her approach follows:
"She looks at the paper, at the image and damage. She studies it for a long time. She makes tests to determine the exact chemical nature of the paper, the image, the damage. The damage also exists in her mind, as havoc: when she thinks of the piece of art, she feels the chaos and carelessness of damage. She wants to see only the art, not the damage... She is ready to begin. She mends tears. She flattens creases. She cleans the surface. She removes tape. She removes all traces of foxing, of mildew and mould. She lightens the tone, reviving the original color. The damage is healed. The mind of the paper restorer is released from the damage. The art is once again free and inviolate, and the imagination of the paper restorer exults with the clear image of art. Because the paper restorer is happy in the park, the work she does there is performed with an ease and serenity that feels like grace."
(From a Statement by Janet Lee)

34   Carpenter
His position is to do construction for the Rosewoman, to keep the drawbridge in repair and to make a new picnic table every year. He studies the 'A' frame tables in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century paintings. He belongs to the Order of the Carpenters.

36   Shoe Repairman
He repairs children's shoes.

37   Clothman
Various thicknesses and qualities of cloth are stored at the Building of Cloth. The cloth is used for the protection of certain areas designated in the park. The Clothman is in charge of the distribution of the stored cloth.

35   Plumber
(plum'er) n. One whose occupation is the installing or repairing of plumbing.
Plumbing (plum' ing) n. 1. The art or trade of putting into buildings the tanks, pipes, etc. for water, gas, sewage, etc. 2. The pipe system of a building. 3. The act of sounding for depth, etc., with a plumb line.




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