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Giver of the Keys - Key Place

Iceman - Ice House

Fireman - Fire Place

46   Giver of the Keys

47   Taker of the Keys
The Giver of the Keys gives the keys to the music rooms. The Taker of the Keys takes back the keys from the music rooms.
They have a strong connection to the Researcher, the Identity Card Man, the Stampman and the Accountant.

48   Iceman
The Iceman came from America to Germany. It thrilled him to pick up a block of ice with his ice-pincers. He mulled over anatomical drawings depicting the measurement of skulls. He thought the instruments looked alike.

49   Fireman
He keeps the fire-place operating so the Metalman can create the roses.

50   Zoologist
He was shown documents, writings, drawings, paintings of mythical animals and simply could not be convinced of their existence. Late one evening he visited the Archaeological Museum in Athens. On his way there he rested on a bench under an orange tree. He was thirsty and reached up to take an orange off the tree. The orange he found in his hand had the weight of a steel ball. It was very hot and burned the palm of his hand. He let it slip from his hand, it fell to the ground with a thud. He brought the heel of his shoe down on the fallen fruit and smashed it into vermillion-white crystals. He looked up to a window of the museum and he saw the head of a bull staring out at him. He never entered the museum for at that moment he knew that there were no myths.

Zoologist - Copies of Recaptured Animals




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