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Rosewoman - Rose Arbor

3   Rosewoman
In her youth she cultivated white roses along the southern wall of Perugia. Her life was changed when she visited her Uncle in Benevento. One afternoon as they were descending a slope through the olive trees a large snake (approximately 6 feet) crossed their path. In her fear she whispered to her Uncle: "Did you see that snake?"
"See what?"
"That large snake that just disappeared in front of us."
"No what?"
"No I did not see the snake:'
"But how could you not see him, his tail touched the point of your boot!"
"I did not see the snake because I do not believe in them:'
She will attend to the Berlin Rose Arbor. The Carpenter has selected the wood for the arbor's structure. The rose to be cultivated will be the black rose. The flower petals will be placed in pewter bowls along the garden path. She anticipates wrapping the rose stems continuously around her naked body until only her eyes are exposed. They are the colour of apricot.

Metalman - Wall of Metal Flowers

4   Metalman
As each rose blooms in the Rose Arbor the Metalman draws it from many points of view. When the rose finishes its growing cycle the Metalman begins the task of capturing the rose in metal. This is accomplished by heating, hammering, and cutting. After the metal rose moves to its perfection he attaches the rose to the steel wall in the park. He is a master craftsman of steel and of metals. He is also making a dress for the Rosewoman, a dress made of metal roses. He is duplicating the rose stems. He thinks of the scent of roses intertwined with the smell of cooling steel and the aroma of the Rosewoman's body.

5   Park Attendant
Custodian of the park. He lives in the gate-house (entry to park). The gate-house is situated between two clock towers. One tower has the numbers 0 - 13running from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower. The other tower has the numbers 0 - 13 running from the bottom to the top. A blank square rides over the surface of each tower covering the present time . The two blank squares come to parallel alignment.

Park Attendant - Gate House

10   Operator
Near the gate-house stand three mobile structures (electrically powered); a circular stair on wheels, a U-stair on wheels, and a straight-run stair on wheels. These are provided for those who wish to move about the park in a mobile unit. The Operator charges the body.




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