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Physician - Office Tower (Genetic)

19   Physician
Although a man of science, he has an obsession with mirrors. It is their opacity which interests him. He observes each day meticulously the process of his own aging. (He sees it before his eyes.) He is 60 years old and his body verifies this fact. A surgeon of 30 years, he is constantly feeling the weight of organs. His favourite paintings throughout history are the ones dealing with autopsy. He knows that the heart has weight yet he cannot feel its weight in his own body. He is aware of its presence, though not all of the time. Such things as his own spleen he felt not at all. When his patients visit him for pre-surgical consultation he appears tall, thin and bent over. They do not see his arms under the white coat sleeves. When they are on the operating table they see him in a different aspect. There they see him in short sleeves, his exposed arms thick and muscular. He speaks, "Let us get on with it."
He has concluded that his mind has not aged at all and that there is the possibility of the soul transcending the body. His decision to work in Berlin was made because of the physical erasures and because of the aftertone.

20   Nurse
(nurs) n. 1. A person who cares for the sick or injured, especially one who is trained to do such work. 5. One who or that which fosters, nourishes, protects. 6. entomol. A sexually incomplete bee, ant, etc. whose function in the colony is to care for the young. 8. To take steps to cure.
The Nurse assists the Physician.

Bus Ride Through

Don't walk red
lit the snow
of an empty school
yard wire fenced
motorcycle left tracks
rippled upon white
hands black leathered
covered the bars
beam illuminated
granite window arches
moisture silted the
crevice smoke and fog
womb infiltrated
Mount Morris park
brownstone entries
sheet aluminum nailed
tractor man treads
roll a brick
his gray interior shielded
by green eye awnings
copper skinned from
steel bones
Harlem hearses
always parked middle of the block
its people's cerebellums
covered by
uneradicated ash
all dates implode
the garbage cans
internally scorched by
pine stick fires
it is the absence
of a wall
that penetrates
figures perpetually whispered
to be silent
God damned intravenous
social encyclicals
bluefrocked sisters
of mercy blow
an oval breath
plaster peels
urine analyzed
stopped up kidneys
fill the lungs
Hospital of joint disease
moan a loss

Nurse - Dispensary

21   Optometrist
The Optometrist has a recurrent dream. He is at one end of the long corridor­ room looking in perspective at the wall of the other end of the corridor room. On the wall is placed a typical eye chart, - (two-dimensional). At time-fixed intervals he imagines the chart moving forward towards him. At various intervals it still-stops. Also at each interval the letters on the chart become more and more three-dimensional until the point where they entirely engulf the Optometrist. At that moment he awakes and is relieved when he remembers the shooting gallery he had seen in Stockholm where at the end of a long corridor was placed a two­ dimensional target figure. It progressively moved forward towards the firing mechanism of the gun. At intervals it became more and more three-dimensional until the point where the oneholding the gun was not sure if the target was no longer a fabrication.

Optometrist - Sight




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