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28   Librarian
She has made the following observations:
There are three kinds of detectives
1   The Fiction Detective
2   The Non-fiction Detective
3   The Semi-fiction Detective
        1 The Fictional Detective departs from his office in search of the fictional murderer.
        2 The Non-fictional (Real?) Detective departs from his office in search of the non-fictional (real?) murderer.
      3 The Semi-fictional Detective (Newspaper Reporter) departs from his office in search of the semi-fictional (newspaper report) murderer.
ALL are Detectives and Murderers.

Librarian - Book Towers/Fiction/Semi-Fiction/Non-Fiction

Typesetter - Typr House

Poem - No More

29   Typesetter
Sets type for Researcher (Office 1), Identity Card Man (Identity Card Unit), Stampman (Stamp Place), Accountant (Office 2), Keeper of the Records (Record Hall), Zoologist (Copies of Recaptured Animals), Librarian (Book Towers).
He uses mechanical and electrical devices.

30   Poem
A cube, half made of granite, half made of steel. The upper half is steel, the lower half granite. The cube is split along the diagonal in a series of stepped cuts. The upper part of the cube is able to slide off of the lower section. On each of the stepped faces is an incised poem - the same poem. One is cut into the granite the other cut into steel.

The unacceptability of the
and of the unaccountable
wherever and whenever
throughout the world

The cube is opened in the day and closed at night.




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