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Drawbridge Man - Drawbridge

7   Drawbridge Man
After seeing Carpaccio's Venetian Bridge he was inspired to reproduce the bridge shown in the painting (with modifications) for his drawbridge. He and the Carpenter made measured drawings for the construction of the drawbridge. He left unanswered the question of the sense of it all.

8   Trolley Man
The Trolley Man was born in Finland. Shortly after his birth his Mother was taken to a northern sanatorium. He remembers that when he was about seven years old he was taken by train to visit her. His Mother's tears froze as solid droplets upon her face. He began to count them, then suddenly stopped, for he sensed they would add up to the days of his life. Before he left the room he asked his Mother if he could have one of the tears. She removed one from her cheek and placed it in his handkerchief. After his Aunt returned him to his home he carefully opened the folded cloth and all that remained was a moist spot.

Trolley Man - Trolley

Mechanic - Box Car Parts

9   Mechanic
In the late 1940s he served as the film projectionist at a military base located in Osaka. His position was to project the negatives of the collected film on Hiroshima after it was exposed. This experience produced in him a horror of projected images. He felt the necessity of working directly with his hands on materials. His work is to dismantle a box car and install the parts (every part) onto a wall in the Berlin park.




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