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Crochet Lady - Crochet Chair

Security - Structure

38   Crochet Lady
She arrives at dawn and departs at sunset. She climbs the stairs to her enclosed suspended chair and crochets throughout the day. She usually finishes a piece before the snow falls. Each year she selects a tree which she covers with her shroud of crochet. She carefully drapes the branches of the tree and leaves her work to the elements. Her sadness makes the peacocks screech.

40   Security
A motorised vehicle (electric) which can move throughout the site. It is up to the City of Berlin to decide if security is put into motion or whether it remains fixed­ still, or possibly if it is there at all.

Shade Woman - Shades of Text

Researcher - Office 1

39   Shade Woman

41   Researcher
When did it begin
A point of no return
Speech to a whisper
Then to a silence
No end to it

Identity Card Man - Identity Card Unit

42   Identity Card Man
Collects identity card
photographs card
Projects film of card onto screen
destroys negatives
explicit faith in memories
of signatures




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