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Judge - Stairs

Room for Thought - Room A

56   Judge
Definition: Noun or verb?

57   Room for Thought
(THOt) n. 1. The act or process of using the mind actively and deliberately; meditation; cognition. 2. The product of thinking; an idea, concept, judgement, etc. 3. Intellectual activity of a specific kind: Greek Thought. 4. Consideration; attention: Give the matter some thought. 5. Intention or idea of doing something; plan: All thought of returning was abandoned.

Room of the Innocent - Room B

Room for Those Who Looked the Other Way

Passengers - Silo Passage

Toll Taker II - The Tractor

58   Room of the Innocent
Innocents' Day December 28 marking of the day of the slaughter of children by Herod.

59   Room for Those Who Looked the Other Way
(ROOM, ROOM) n. 1. An extent of space used for some implied or specific purpose.
Roomer n. A lodger

60   Passengers

61   Toll Taker
He moves the park bridge each day to another place. He carries in his coat pocket an old newspaper
printed in Chicago recording the following events:
Chicago - The Recapture 1908
1   The prefabrication of Mythical Animals
The precise construction of Puppets, Marionettes and Mannequins. The building of a Hall,
Merry-Go-Round, Shooting Gallery and Operating Theater.

The production of a Fireworks display.
a. Minotaur
b. Griffin
c. Gorgon
d. Unicorn
e. Chimera

Toll Taker - A Bridge Removed

f. Satyr
g. Dragon
h. Pegasus
i. Basilisk
2   Workshop for the fabrication of Puppets, Marionettes and Mannequins {School for construction)
3   Mythical Beasts
4   Children manufacture Puppets, Marionettes The Teachers: Italian & Japanese
5   New plays for theaters written by area residents
6   Study of the mechanism for the suspension of bodies: Active/Inert
7   The nesting of snakes within Merry-Go-Round horses
8   The blurring of edges: Japanese Marionette Theater
Italian Woman Cellist

9   Flaubert's crucifixion of roaring lions
10   Building of a Ferris Wheel (2-dual) (dual time)
Ferris Wheel 1 Single car containing a man
Ferris Wheel 2 Single car containing a beast

The circumference of the Ferris Wheel car almost touches tangentially for a moment the circumference of its opposite - (man/beast eyes are on direct horizontal line for that moment).
One wheel moves clockwise, the other counter-clockwise.
11   A Clock Tower where a blank surface moves over the numbers covering present time.
11A   Gate-house - Security - Vehicle of Balloon Woman - Lake Barge
12   Six month construction of Chicago Hall. When complete all Puppets, Marionettes and Mannequins are suspended from Hall's rafters
(mechanism is suspended)
Hall filled with created objects/suspended silences Can be raised or lowered

13   Main Hall has connected unit which contains exposition on the History of Mythical Animals (from each Country). This unit is also a factory where animals are reproduced. After completion of fabrication/reproduction all Animals are impaled on a vertical Merry-Go-Round shaft. They are then installed, and begin their circular journey. The Merry-Go-Round is enclosed within a high circular wall. At the top of the wall a cantilever stadium is erected. The movement of the Myths can be observed from above: their cycle is slow.
13A   Series of cages for the internment of recaptured Mythical Animals. Also for the exhibition of familiar beasts.
14   At the opposite end of the Hall there is located an Operating Theater. From the south wall of the Hall a long extension is added; a Shooting Gallery is constructed. The long Gallery has side extensions. The farthest away from the point of firing-exit is a two-dimensional flat mannequin. From a distance it appears to be abstract. Approaching the firing­ mechanism a progressive series of mannequins move into more and more three-dimensionality until the completed figure faces the barrel of the gun, point-blank. After the explosion this body is removed to the Operating Theater for an autopsy which is monitored throughout the Fair.
15   The Fair ends in a display. All Mythical Animals, all Puppets, all Marionettes and all Mannequins are impaled on vertical rods that have been placed in the Lake water. A Time Keeper equipped with a flame­ thrower sets them on fire. When ash on water disappears the Audience retires into their own.




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