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Horticulturist - Trees/Shrubs/Flowers

1   Horticulturist
The Horticulturist maintains the trees, shrubs, and flowers in the park. He was originally trained as a stone cutter. The cutting of a dark granite was his main work. He decided to become a horticulturist when a dispute arose as to whether there was such a thing as black granite. He was convinced he had seen it in his travels in Egypt. A gentle man from Hanover explained the differences. He said it had to do with something about the rock being above ground or under ground. The Horticulturist insists that the trees, shrubs and flowers be planted in triangular stone bases (no matter the size or interpretation). Within him there is a sense of unease. He is not sure any more that such words as flower, shrub, tree and park have meaning. To pass time he rides the trolley car. He cannot quite shake the dread of the problem. The first disturbance occurred when he visited the Archaeological Museum in Athens. The removal of the eyes in the bronze sculptures seemed unwarranted. He thought he might have seen a humming bird flying within the concavity of the head. The sound of rapidly moving feathers filtered through the metal.

2   Gardener
n. One who tends gardens.
Garden (gar'den) n. A place for the cultivation of flowers, fruit or vegetables; ornamental grounds for public use.
The Gardener assists the Horticulturist. Before winter sets in he wraps the shrubs in burlap.

Silk of Sprigs

no ground flowers are crushed
by gentle Botticelli women
an arrow head of flame
is pulled by the blind-folded
child angel and projected
at finger entwined graces
they dance the sleepwalkers' circle
apples are glazed with honey
iridescent aquas filter through
ancient umber banks
thorned stems are held in
willing mouth of Siena
the wind rising cut from stone
as wings made of pewter
shards immeshed
in arched trunks
he is a color of scent
pearl bluegrey entombment
she flees in transfixed haste
all swirls lead to a mound
a hand plunges into petals
the flushness of a face
above the oval northern wreath
a benediction is anticipated
Mercury carries a Saracen sword
suspended from the shoulder
his wand announcing
the coming of future fertilities

Gardener - Garden
Inhabitants - Maze

6   Inhabitants
Maze (maz) n. I. An intricate network of paths of passages; a labyrinth. 2. A state of bewilderment; uncertainty or perplexity; to daze or stupefy; bewilder.




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