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Butterfly Collector - Collector's Place

Catfish - Enclosed Catfish Pond

51   Butterfly Collector
Collects butterflies
The irreconcilability of
catching butterflies and
of writing fiction.

52   Catfish
(kat'fish') n. Pl. - Fish or fishes
Any of numerous silurid fishes having sensitive barbels around the mouth.
Barbel (bar'bel) n. I. One of the soft threadlike appendages to the jaws, chin, or nostrils of certain fishes functioning as the organ of touch.

53   Peacock
(Pe'kok') n. The male of a gallinaceous crested bird (Genus Pavo) having erectile, brilliantly iridescent tail coverts enormously elongated and marked with ocelli or eye-like spots on the neck and breast of a greenish blue. Male peacock body to 36" long: tail coverts to 6 feet.
(Pe'kok') A star of 2.12 magnitude in the constellation Pavo.

Peacock - Peacock's Walk

Child - Playhouse

54   People
The trolley is for the people to board and ride. The trolley circles the park-site. It stops at the intersection of the drawbridge. It is electrified by overhead lines till the point of the drawbridge, then they drop beneath the ground. The passengers must push the trolley under the drawbridge to the position of renewed electrification. When the trolley approaches the drawbridge a stop gate prevents the inhabitants entry or exit. The drawbridge is raised so the trolley can be pushed through underneath.

Berlin Looms

the vanished can
still be felt
banal stanchions
of rusting concrete
envelop the outline
stretched wire produces
the void
air can be blue
the smoke geometric
ice cream licked
from the rafters
the obelisk was moved
on axis
the dry bark of
linden trees split
across the street
the moist shadow
of barges rippled
october ash felled
the pharmacist's cough
drops bought
fora mark
the black eagles swept
the boulevard clean
the canal became
a gelatin
the plan had been

55   Child
The wonder of receiving a clear empty jelly jar at the age of six. Of being given a paint brush and two jars of enamel paint. One filled with blue paint and one filled with yellow. Of being asked to paint the outside of the clear jelly jar with the blue paint and letting the paint dry. Then of being asked to take the yellow paint and with the tip of the brush running it around the outside rim of the jar and watching the yellow paint drip down in streaks over the recently painted blue. The house of the Child is both, size.




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