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Time Keeper - Ferris Wheel Clock

The Dead - The Dead Cry

62   Time Keeper
He controls and operates the dual Ferris Wheels. The Ferris Wheels are enlarged clocks. One Ferris Wheel having cars moving clockwise, the other Ferris Wheel having cars moving counter-clockwise. The numbers/hours of time are painted on each Ferris Wheel car, there being 12 numbers, 1- 12. The single hand of the clock is fixed and the numbers move about the hand. On each Ferris Wheel there is an unnumbered car which can be considered the 13th number or 0. In the clockwise moving car a man is placed, in the counter-clockwise moving car is placed a beast. At the moment of horizontal tangentiality the eyes of the man and the eyes of the beast are in direct horizontal alignment. At that moment the Time Keeper stops the Ferris Wheels to note the recognition and to recapture past acts. The Time Keeper then accelerates the Ferris Wheel to make up for lost time, upon re­ movement the beast roars and the man remains silent.

63   The Dead

64   The Travellers
They are brought to the park by bus and must cross over the drawbridge to enter. A trolley runs peripherally around the whole site but there is no way to enter the park from the trolley. The trolley is enclosed between two 14-foot high hedges which surround the inner site. Telephone wires suspended on wood piles follow the course of the trolley. The lines serve the park alone. There are no calls beyond the edges.

The Travellers - Bus

The Exiles - Attached Units

65   The Exiles
To be an exile in one's own skin.




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